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Friday, July 21, 2006

Surname Meaning

In Anglo-Saxon times many bird names were used as single personal names and as "surnames" indication of their interest in and knowledge of wild birds.

Somewhere in my school days I was told that the meaning of the surname Partridge relates to working the land, as in "Parting the ridge", to plough and furrow. As I began to research my family the surname became very appropriate as I follow my paternal family and their occupations which heavily relate to the countryside and agriculture.

From time to time way back in history the surname appeared in the records as Partridge, Pettridge, Patridge, Partrich, and these variations would occur between father and son, and even in references to the same person.

Partridge wasn't an unusual surname...

Map showing where Partridges resided - thanks to the 1881 census.


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