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Monday, July 31, 2006


Thanks to John Lacey Heritage warden for helping me with some of my research.

The earliest Partridge in Mowsley is that of a Benjamin died 1829. He married Eleanor and had a son Charles b1828 (myGt Gt Grandad) , grandson Thomas 1869, and great grandson Charles who was born in 1891 and died 1977, being the last Partridge to date to live in Mowsley.

One of the oldest houses in Mowsley in known as the "The Nook" or "Nook Yard" this is where Albena partridge lived until her death in 1960 at which time it was declared unfit for human habitation! It has recently been fully restored and is now a listed building. It originally had only two rooms, one up and one down and had a later scullery added during the 19th century.

Mowsley churchyard

headstones/burials that we know of...

Partridges -

Thomas d 1865 aged 38
Charles d 881 aged 53 - gt, gt, grandad
Benjamin d 1891 aged 68
Ellen d 1877 aged 94
Ann Elizabeth d 1893 aged 61 (nee Garlick, wife of Charles)
Thomas died 1939 aged 71 and Albena died 1960, 89 years.

Garlicks -
husband and wife
John Burdett Garlick d 1911 aged 73 - (Gt, gt, grandma Anne Garlicks brother)
Sarah Anne Burdett Garlick d 1921 aged 87

If anyone has any old photographs of Mowsley or can help with any info please email me at helen dot anderson at southwitham dot net

John Garlick

We are now in to the 7th generation paternal ancestors!

John Garlick, father of Henry, was born in 17 ??

He married Elizabeth Swingler in Market Harborough on 23rd October 1803.

John died in 18??

William and Ruth Mawby

William Mawby born Great Peatling c 1834. His Parents were William and Mary Mawby (c 1801), of Great Peatling.

William and Ruth were parents of of Amelia (b 1873), Daniel (b 1865), Susan (1868) and William (1872) and father in law of Arthur John Partridge my Great grandad.

William married Ruth Knight at Wolvey Parish Church on 20/11/1859

In the 1891 census William and Ruth are residing at Main Street, Arnesby, William's occupation listed as a Grazier.

Ruth was born c 1836 at Wolvey Heath, parents David and Sarah Knight (nee Twigger )her christening is recorded as 4 Dec 1836, at Wolvey heath, Warwickshire.

Brothers and sisters were Abraham (1824), Richard (1829), Elizabeth (1839). David and Sarah lost 4 children as infants before Ruth was born.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Workshouse 1881 census

Whilst researching my tree my mind saw visions of the hardship, but at least I haven't found any of my ancestors yet been forced into the Leicester Union workhouse. Looking at the "INMATES" registered on the 1881 census gives an insight into life around this time, bringing history alive and certainly makes me thankful for what I have.

One surname that I did recognise was that of SWINGLER, as it was an Elizabeth Swingler that witnessed the marriage of Charles Partridge and Ann Garlick (great - great grandparents) as yet I am unsure if the two swinger children on here are related. Ann Garlicks grandmother Ann was formally a Swingler.

However in the Market Harborough poor law/workshouse census there is an Elizabeth Partridge listed aged 72, born 1809, need to find out if this was a relation.

I've digressed again ;-)

Robert & Florence Foss (nee Watts) 1872

Pictured left is Robert Foss with his second wife.

Great grandad, Robert Foss was born in Leicester in 1872 . Florence was born in leicester in 1872.

Florence was daughter of Thomas Watts and Priscilla Spary (nee West)

In August 1895 at St Saviour's Church, Leicester Florence married Robert Foss. Witnesses were Joseph West Watts (her brother) and Ellen Elizabeth Watts (her sister). At the time of marriage robert was living at 43 Mount Road, Leicester and Florence at 41 Friar's Causeway, Leicester. Florence and Robert went on to have three children;
  1. Florence Foss (b 1901)
  2. Nellie Foss (b 1900)
  3. Uknown - died in infancy from Consumption
In the 1901 census Florence and Robert are living at Trafford Street, West Humberston, Robert being listed as a shoe testing machine operator.

Florence died in c1913 and Robert married again and had a daughter Gertrude.

Benjamin Partridge 1862

Another of my Great- Great Uncles. Son of Ann Garlick and Charles Partridge, brother to Arthur John.

Benjamin was born 1st April 1862 at ?

He married Annie(b 1860) and they lived on the Main Street in Laughton (just down the road from Mowsley). Benjamin worked as a Shepherd and yardsman. They had two children both born at Laughton:
  1. Walter W - born 1897
  2. Fredrick A - born 1895
Benjamin died at Laughton but I am unsure what year.

Charles William Partridge 1864 - 1911

Son of Ann Garlick and Charles Partridge, brother to Great Granddad Arthur.

Charles was born on 2nd June 1864 at Appleby, Leicestershire. Living in and around Leicestershire I found I had never heard of Appleby so had to research where it was!

Appleby, a village, a township, and a parish on the confines of Leicester and Derby. The village stands 1 1/2 mile WSW of the Mease river and the Ashby-de-la-Zouch Canal, and about 2 miles from Measham railway station. It has a post, money order, and telegraph office under Atherstone. It is sometimes called Appleby-Magna or Great Appleby, while a hamlet a little S of it, in the same parish, is called Appleby-Parva or Little Appleby.

Charles married Elizabeth Price and had 7 children
  1. Charles - yes another! born 22/2/1896 died 14/2/1968 - Valentines day :-(
  2. John - born 25/7/1899 - died 6/7/1986
  3. William - born 8/11/1900
  4. Mary Ellen - born 3/5/1902 died 5/12/1978
  5. Emma - born 11/08/1904
  6. Elizabeth Ann - born 5/2/1906 died 12/3/1988
  7. James Arthur born 13/12/1909 died 3/09/1979
Charles died aged 47 yrs at Normanton, Yorkshire.

Elizabeth Mary Partridge 1871 - 1938

Great Great Aunt (sister of Great Grandad Arthur) as born 13th January 1871. Married Walter Dodd (b 6th Dec 1876, d 30th Oct 1943). They married at Laughton Church, Leicestershire on 13th April 1898.

Had 6 children:
  1. George Gerald (b 20 De 1898, died 17th September 1970)
  2. Arthur Robert (b 12th Feb 1900, died 20 Jan 1982)
  3. Ivy Ellen ( b Aug 1902, died 4th Nov 1904)
  4. Reginald (b 10th June 1906)
  5. Percy Charles (b 1st Jan 1909)
  6. Walter John (b 6th May 1911)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Edwin Ryder Phillips c1863

My maternal Great Grandfather, father of John Edwin, and grandfather of Jean and Betty.

Edwin was born about 1862 born in Leicester, son of Thomas Phillips and Catherine (nee Ryder).

Edwin had many brothers and sisters:
  1. Elizabeth (b 1854)
  2. James (b 1859)
  3. Alfred (b 1865)
  4. John (b 1868)
  5. Arthur (b 1873)
  6. Ernest (b 1878)
On August 7th 1882 at the Parish Church of St. Mark's in Leicester Edwin (aged 20)married Emily (nee Bishop, born 1862) witnesses to the marriage where Walter castle? nd Edwin's brother James. Edwin and Emily had 4 children:
  1. John Edwin (my maternal grandfather)
  2. Ethel (b 1884)
  3. Gertrude (b 1891)
  4. Joy Ivy/Ivy Joy? (b 1896)
In the 1871 census we have Edwin (9) living at 30b Bedford Street, St Margarets, Leicester,with his immediate family and two nephews John (6) and Edwin (4) Ryder...

In the 1881 Census we have Edwin listed as a boarder with Mr and Mrs Thomas Clay at 260 Belgrave Gate, single and no occupation listed.

The 1891 census sees Edwin now married and living with his wife, their children Ethel and John and mother in law Emma who is now widowed. The address given is 93 Gresham Street, St. Margarets Leicester. They are stilll living at the same address by the time of the next census in 1901, by this time Edwin's children are working in the factory - John Edwin as a moulder and Ethel as a shoemaker,

Edwin's occupation is listed as a moulder and Emily a shoehand and Ivy and Gertrude make their first appearance on the census.

I have been told the they worked at "Bungy Smith's" Foundery,maybe someone can tell me more.

Edwin died in ?

Henry Garlick 1812 - 1882

Great, Great, Great Grandad- Henry Garlick, son of John (servant) and wife Anne (formerly Swingler). Henry was Father of Ann and Father in law of Charles Partridge (1828).

Henry was born 25th July 1812 at Market Harborough and records show him baptised on 18th October 1812. He married Elizabeth (b 1801).

On the 1841 census he is listed as a tailor living in Lubenham, with his wife and children:
  1. Ann (b 1833)
  2. Elizabeth (b 1841)
  3. John (b 1838) - married a Sarah and lived in Mowsley at 1861/1881 census (6 children born in Mowsley: John B b1864, Evan W b 1868, Enza E b 1868, Hedley W b 1862, Evan s B 1871,Herbert H b 1876)
  4. Mary (b 1836)
He later appears on the 1881 census and by this time is married to Sarah (born in 1823, died in 1892?) in Abthorpe, still a tailor in Lubenham.

Henry died in December 1882 aged 70.

Thanks to Marie at Leicestershire Lookup service for her help.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Florence Annie Phillips (nee Foss) 1901

Florence Annie Phillips (nee Foss) born 1901? married John Edwin Phillips on 28th March 1932 at Leicester Registry Office. The signatures of witnesses on the marriage certificate are Robert and Gertrude Foss. At this time she was recorded as a shoe machinist living at 4 South Drive, Humberstone. Florence and John had two daughters, Jean Margaret and Elizabeth (Betty).

I believe she had just the one sibling, a sister called Nellie and her father was Robert Foss and mother Florence Foss (nee Coley).

In the 1901 census, she is recorded as living on Trafford Road, North Evington, Leicester.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

John Edwin Phillips 1885 - 1958

My maternal Grandfather.

Born in Leicester on February 28th 1885.

He married Florence Annie Foss atLeicester Registry Office on March 28th 1932 and had two children Jean and Elizabeth (Betty).

John was married before as he is listed as a widower on his marriage certificate. Aunt Bet thinkd he also had a son that died in childhood from this previous marriage but I have yet to confirm this.

John was the son of Edwin Ryder Phillips (1863) and Emily Bishop (1862) and had the following siblings:
  1. Ethel born 1884
  2. Gertrude born 1891 died in 1901?
  3. Joy born 1896
  4. Ivy born 1896
In the 1901 census (aged 16) he is recorded as living at 93 Graham Street, and working as a moulder in a shoe factory alongside other family members , and Grandma Emma Bishop resides with them.

He died on his granddaughter (Linda Margaret's) first birthday - May 20th 1958, aged 73.

Gladys May Partridge (nee Ford)

Gladys May Ford, my paternal grandmother was born on 27th April 1895, and recorded as iving at 144 Albert Street, Wolverhampton.

Gladys, then a stockroom assistant married Charles Partridge on 2nd August 1924 and had 2 sons, Norman and Jim and a daughter Hilda.

Daughter of Josiah Ford and Elizabeth (nee Harnett). I am told by family that she died young when my Father was about 9 yrs old, this would date her death around 1934. Charles widower, later married Elsie Riley.

Amelia Partridge (nee Mawby) 1873

Born in Bramcote (near Wolvey Heath) November 23rd 1873, mother Ruth (nee Knight).

Amelia ws born to William (Agricultural labourer born 1834, Peatling Magna) and Ruth (born 1838,Wolvey Heath) and I have found the following siblings:
  1. Daniel born 1865 in Sheepy Parva (between Atherstone and Market Bosworth)
  2. Susan born 1868 again in Sheepy Parva... like the name of this place
  3. William born 1872 as above
  4. Mary Elizabeth born 1863, Wolvey
  5. Sarah Anne born 1861, Wolvey
  6. Abraham ? - died young
  7. Bessie? - died young - more research needed.
In the 1881 census they are recorded as living in Sketchley, not too far away in between Nuneaton and Hinckley.

Amelia married Arthur John Partridge on 19th December 1898 at Mowsley Church, Leicestershire, and had 9 children including my Grandad Charles William Partridge.

Amelia died in ?

Ann Elizabeth Partridge (nee Garlick) 1833 - 1893

Born in 1833 in ? Leicestershire. Father Henry (born c1812 a tailor, died 1882) who married Elizabeth (b 1801)

  1. Elizabeth born c 1841
  2. John born c 1838
  3. Mary born c 1836
may be more.

married Charles Partridge (my great, great grandad) in 1855.

  1. Henry Thomas
  2. Ellen
  3. Charles William - died in 1862 aged 2, yet to find cause of death.
  4. Benjamin
  5. Charles William 2 - born 1864.
  6. Agnes Elizabeth
  7. Tom
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Arthur (great grandad)
Anne died in 1893 aged 61 and is buried in Mowsley churchyard.

Albena Partridge (nee Langton)

Albena Partridge nee Langton (my Great-Great Aunt) born in June 1870 in Creaton (according to the census) in the district of Brixworth, Northamptonshire. Father James and mother Martha.

The small village of Creaton lies about 6 miles north-west of Northampton, straddling the old A50 Northampton to Leicester road (now the A5199).

Albena had brothers:
  1. James E born c1875
  2. Sydney born c1881
Albena married Thomas Partridge (b1869) in December 1890, Thomas being brother to Great Grandad Arthur.

They had 4 children
  1. Reginald L born 1890- d 1891
  2. Charles R born 1891
  3. Ellen born 1895
  4. Tom born 1898
it is at this stage you wish they hadn't used old family names as it can get confusing! How many Charles's have we now? At least Albena was not so common a name and easier to find info on.

In the 1891 cenus Albena and Tom are listed as living in Mowsley, Tom listed as a farm labourer. In the 1901 census we have Albena and Thomas living on Chapel Lane, Mowsley, Tom's occupation listed as a bricklayer.

I have visited Mowsley churchyard and found the gravestone of Thomas and Albena...

"In Loving memory of my dear husband Tom who crossed the border on his 71st birthday, November 13th 1939. His ways were of pleasantness and his paths were peace...and of his wife Albena who died 24th January 1960 aged 89 years.

Charles Partridge 1828 - 1881

Charles Partridge born 1828, Father Benjamin Partridge and mother Eleanor

Married Ann Elizabeth Garlick at the Parish Church of Lubenham on 1st March 1855.

At the time Charles was listed as a Higgler aged 27 living in Mowsley, although later listed as a shepherd and agricultural labourer.

Ann is listed as a servant residing in Lubenham at time of marriage.

They had 9 children:
  1. Henry Thomas - b 6/12/1855 - killed in Ireland
  2. Ellen -b 16/11/1857
  3. Charles William - b 9/05/1860 d 7/05/1862
  4. Benjamin - b 1/04/1862
  5. Charles William - b 2/05/1864 d 3/08/1911
  6. Agnes Elizabeth - b 31/07/1866
  7. Tom - b 13/11/1868 - d 13/11/1939 buried at Mowlsey
  8. Elizabeth - b 13/01/1871
  9. Arthur John - b 28/04/1873 d 5/11/1940 (Great grandad)
In the1881 census Charles and Ann are residing at Monks Lane, Mowsley.

Taken from Mowsley a Leicestershire Village written for the Mowsley History Society "In 1859 Charles bought one of the Yeoman's cottages in the Nook at Mowlsey from his Father for five pounds (about £300 in today's money). He later sold it to his sister Ellen in 1867 for £24. Ellen was childless and later sold it to Charles' son Thomas who married Albena and raised three children in the cottage."

Buried at Mowsley, Charles died in June of 1881, aged 53 yrs, on the 1891 census Anne is listed as a widow aged 58 still living in Mowsely with only son Benjamin (bricklayer) at home.

Charles William Partridge - 1900 - 1979

Charles William Partridge born 31st January 1900 in Main St, Mowsley, Leicetershire.

Pictures of his Blacksmiths Shop, his wedding to Gladys May Ford, and with his mother, Amelia, his daughter Hilda and grandson Brian, the other picture shows him ready to shoe the horses with young son Norman by his side.

His father was Arthur John, a farm labourer and his mother Amelia (nee Knight) with siblings:
  1. Benjamin Harry - b 17/10/1901 - d 4/02/1964
  2. Albert Knight -b 9/07/1903 - d 23/08/1952
  3. Arthur john - b 21/10/1904 - d 18/07/1986
  4. Cyril Tom - b 8/12/1906 - d 19/06/1998
  5. James Victor - b 7/09/1909 - d 10/11/1991
  6. Ruthie Ann - b 15/04/1912 - d 13/04/2003
  7. Ivy May - b 6/05/1914
  8. George Walter b 23/11/1916 - d 5/11/1986
Charles had a blacksmith shop at Houghton on the hill

He married Gladys May Ford on 2nd August 1924 but was widowed in ?

He later married a lady called Elsie Riley in ?

Charles and Gladys had three children:
  1. Norman Edgar
  2. "Jim" - Charles Arthur Josiah
  3. Hilda

Charles died on 21st Feb 1979.

Norman Edgar Partridge 1925 - 2003

Norman was born at Billesdon, Leicestershire on 3rd November 1925. Son of Charles William and Gladys (nee Ford) Partridge, brother to Hilda and Jim (picture above; Jim, Hilda and Norman)

At the age of 24, Norman married Catherine Margaret Dunne (30)known as Kay, on September 30th 1950. Kay originated from Kilmeaague, Co.Kildare in Ireland. Kay unfortunately died in childbirth and the baby died also.

On the marriage certificate at this time Norman's listed occupation is a builder, living at 1 Scotland Lane, Houghton on the Hill.

Kay left Ireland to find work, and worked at the Imperial Typewriter factory. Her father and brother were innocents that had been violently killed in Ireland by the Black and Tans.

In 1953 Norman than 28 married Jean Margaret Phillips (18) a Laundry Packer. Norman was living at 3 Mere Cottages, Houghton on the Hill, and Jean at 31 Wayne Way, Leicester. Norman and Jean had three children - Victor, Linda and Helen (this is where I come in the picture)

Norman was widowed on 14th November 1970 when Jean died of cancer.

Norman married Kath in 1979 and gained a lovely step-daughter Pat.

Most of his working life was spent on the farm, his happiest times spent at Rodhill Farm, Tilton, and Whatborough Farm, Tilton.

He was an expert sheepdog handler and trainer.

He died at home in Ridlington in December 2003.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Arthur John Partridge 1873 - 1940

Arthur John (my great -grandad) - Born 28th April 1873, in Mowsley, District of Harborough, counties of Leicester and Northampton. (Picture to left: Arthur & Amelia)

Father Charles Partridge and Mother Ann (nee Garlick), Profession of Father : Farm Labourer. Birth registered on 7th June 1873.


Henry Thomas b 6/12/1855 - Killed in Ireland
Ellen - b 16/11/1857 - lived in Bangor North Wales
Charles William b 9/5/1860 - d 7/05/1862
Benjamin - b 1/04/1862
Charles William - b 02/06/1864 - d 3/08/1911
Agnes Elizabeth -b 31/07/1866
Tom - b 13/11/1868
Elizabeth - b 13/01/1871

December 19th 1898 Arthur married Amelia Mawby at Mowsley Church, Leicestershire, both aged 25 years, both residing in Mowsley at time of marriage, Arthur being listed as a labourer.

Arthur and Amelia had 9 children
  1. Charles William b 31/01/1900 - d 21/02/1979 - Grandad
  2. Benjamin Harry b 17/10/1901 - d 4/02/1964
  3. Albert Knight b 9/7/1903 - d 3/08/1952
  4. Arthur John (junior) b 21/10/1904 - d 18/07/1986
  5. Cyril Tom b 8/12/1906 - d 19/06/1998
  6. James Victor b 7/09/1909 - d 10/11/1991
  7. Ruthie Annie b 15/04/1912 - d 13/04/2003
  8. Ivy May b 6/05/1914 -
  9. George Walter b 23/11/1916 - 5/11/1986

Arthur died 2nd November 1940, aged 67 years. At time of death was registered as living in Wigston and occupation listed as Golf course groundsman. His wife Amelia was present at the death.


Whilst researching my tree I came across the occupation HIGGLER - A person who haggles or bargains, an itinerant peddler! Although I am told that it more often referred to a carrier, someone who transported goods by horse and cart.

Occupations are listed in the census data at the time and of course are shown in marriage and death certificates.

A good website I came across for Victorian occupations really helped.

Surname Meaning

In Anglo-Saxon times many bird names were used as single personal names and as "surnames" indication of their interest in and knowledge of wild birds.

Somewhere in my school days I was told that the meaning of the surname Partridge relates to working the land, as in "Parting the ridge", to plough and furrow. As I began to research my family the surname became very appropriate as I follow my paternal family and their occupations which heavily relate to the countryside and agriculture.

From time to time way back in history the surname appeared in the records as Partridge, Pettridge, Patridge, Partrich, and these variations would occur between father and son, and even in references to the same person.

Partridge wasn't an unusual surname...

Map showing where Partridges resided - thanks to the 1881 census.

I’ve been researching my family tree for a few months now I have enough information, resources, and time to create a blog dedicated to my family tree.

The goal of this blog is to document my family tree and share it with my family, I also need to record it to reduce the amounts of notes I have lying around, in chaos! There is a lot to learn and a lot of information out there, more information and more easily accessed information than at any time in our history.

I do however have regrets... I wish that I had done when my Father was still alive as I know he would have been able to help me and would have loved to have seen the finished result.

I am not alone in creating this family history blog. I’ve found some fabulous relatives (didn’t even know they existed until I started digging) and other family members are helping me out. So this is a team family effort and I’m finding it rather addictive.